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How We Work

Receive A Cash Offer In 3 Quick Steps

Getting Cash For Your Home Is Easier Than You Think!

We Buy Houses For Cash - No Fees – No Repairs – No Agents

Where To Start? Here Are 3 Steps To Sell Your House With Ease

The traditional way of selling a house can be long, arduous, and expensive. Avoid the hassle and sell your house for cash! Do you have questions on how the process works?

Here are the most common questions we get:

Our 3 Step Process

We make the process for you to sell your house as easy as possible. Here’s how it works:


STEP 1: Fill out this form. Or Call Us at (760) 790-4790


STEP 2: Jon or Alex will give you a call to talk about your property and to give you your offer! We’ll ask you a few questions to understand your situation and structure the best deal possible for you.

STEP 3: Sell your house! Remember, you don’t have to fix, repair, or clean anything before selling your home to us.

That’s it! Getting a cash offer is easy.

Things We Consider When We Buy Houses

jon fixing a house

Our goal is to learn about your situation and form an offer that works for you. Each real estate situation is different. The Sell Your House For Cash SD Team is here to make the process fast and easy for you. You can sell your home in ANY CONDITION! We buy houses as-is.

How Our Team Calculates Your Cash Offer

“How much money will I get for my home?” This is usually what homeowners are most eager to know. And for good reason! You want to get a fair price! Here is the breakdown of how we calculate offers.

Our First Calculation

We use a simple formula. There are four different parts of the formula. We’ll review what each part means and how we calculate them. First, let’s take a look at the general formula.

The formula we use to make your offer: [ARV] – [Repairs] – [Transaction Costs] – [Minimum Profit] = YOUR CASH OFFER

What Does All This Mean?

Summary of How We Work

Where Do We Buy Homes?

The main market that we buy houses in is San Diego CA. We buy houses that we can either fix up and “flip” or properties that we plan to keep and turn into rental houses, whatever makes the most sense based on the numbers and the market.

Sell house fast for cash San Diego
How to sell my house fast for cash in San Diego.

Steps to Sell My House Fast in San Diego

The timeline is completely up to you! How fast do you need to sell your house in San Diego? We move as quickly as you need, or as slowly. Sell House For Cash San Diego is here to make the deal work for you. Our company is adaptable and flexible.

How Fast Can I Get A Cash Offer?

Sell House For Cash San Diego gives you an offer in as fast as 30 minutes after getting your information. The offer will still be contingent on viewing the home but if you need something more certain, we can be out to your house within the same day if you need and make an offer right on the spot. We truly work on your schedule.

How Fast Can I Get Paid?

This is going to be up to you again! Are you trying to do a quick close and have your money in 7 days? No problem. Or, maybe you need 60-90 days so you can find a new house and get your ducks in a row before you relocate? It makes no difference to us! We’re adaptive and will line the deal up so it’s convenient for you.

Why Work With Us

We know you’ve got some options when you sell your house, so why work with us? Here are 3 reasons that make us stand apart from the competition.

1 We’re a family-owned business and we treat everyone we work with as an extension of our family. Learn more about our family team through our company page!

2 You won’t find another home buying company with as many HAPPY reviews or testimonials from other verified sellers! See what others have to say about us on our reviews page.

3 We are 100% transparent about how it works when we buy houses – our processes are laid out and we show you our numbers!

Ready to get a cash offer for your house? Requesting an offer only takes two minutes and is completely FREE. Remember, there are never any obligations either! We promise you will never have to deal with a pushy salesman when you are dealing with us!


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