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5-Star Reviews from San Diego Homeowners

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Case Studies Of Homes We’ve Bought

Here are reals examples of other houses we’ve bought and how we helped each individual family. Each seller’s we buy houses review and testimonial is a little different, since each seller is different. That’s the great part about working with us, we create a custom offer that works for you!

When it needs too many repairs - Sell your San Diego house as-is

Joanne and David  were selling inherited property. They wanted to sell the inheritance because it just needed too many things that needed fixing.  The roof was leaking, the foundation had cracks in it and the plumbing and electrical was shot!

“We were looking at repairs that were going to cost $50,000 or more! Selling the inherited property as-is just made sense!”

On top of all that the were “Out of State” owners. The house was in San Diego and they lived in Seattle. Lucky for them after looking for a legit local buyer they came across us. After a quick phone call we gave them a cash offer that they immediately accepted. 

Because they were out of state we did a video walk through to help them identify anything they wanted to keep. We arranged storage for a few precious pieces of furniture. They were able to leave all the other trash!

“Selling our inherited house to Alex and Jon was so easy! They were very kind and thoughtful. They were not pushy, however, were able to offer solutions to every hurdle we came upon. I highly recommend them if you have a house you want to sell in San Diego and you want to sell it stress-free!

When you need it gone, on your schedule. Sell your house faster

Carlos contacted us because he had been given a new job in Kansas City. He was in a hurry to move and therefore was in a hurry to sell.

“I didn’t want to deal with selling a house in San Diego while living in Kansas City. So I did some research online for some cash buyers. I came across Barry. We talked and he just seemed like a great guy. Plus his cash offer was more than fair!”

In less than 2 hours Carlos had a legitimate cash offer in his hand. After he reviewed it he accepted and signed it.

“Selling my house to “We Buy Houses in San Diego” was so easy! They bought it as-is. They took care of everything. You have to check them out if you are selling something too”

When it won’t sell on the MLS - Sell it Off-Market to a trusted Home Buyer!

When Tim filled out a form he didn’t know what to expect. He had been trying to sell his home as-is on the MLS. 

“I actually had a signed contract however they both fell through because of financing. By the time the second one fell through my home had been listed for over 2 months. It also showed it had gone under contract twice only to go back on the market. Now there was a bit of a stigma and people thought there was something wrong with my home.”

“I had low expectations when I filled out a form for a cash offer on honestly seemed too good to be true.”

We talked to Tim about what he needed to sell his house. After some negotiating we settle on a cash price that made sense to both of us. 

Less than 2 weeks later he had the cash in his bank account.

“I was stoked on how easy it was to sell my house to Alex and Jon. They did all the paperwork, the legal stuff, and even took care of the bank stuff. I was very happy found them and would recommend you talk to them too.” 

Other Testimonials From People We’ve Bought Homes From

Make sure you are working with a “we buy houses” company that has a track record of success! You will not find another cash buyer with as many positive reviews or testimonials as We Buy Houses in San Diego.

“I am so thankful to you guys for buying my house! I had it listed with a realtor and it was not selling. As soon as I called Jon, I had an offer the very next day. I felt the offer was very fair and I am so grateful she bought it. I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders.”
– Austin B, San Diego, CA
“I had a wonderful experience working with you. I appreciated how you always got back to me very quickly and answered all of my questions. Even though my house had a lot of problems, you always went above and beyond to make sure the whole process was effortless on my part. I would sell it to you again!! Thanks so much!”
– Amelia, Chula Vista, CA
“I wish I would have found Sell House For Cash San Diego sooner! The house I inherited from my grandmother had way more problems than I knew what to do with so I just decided to leave it and wait. Well, I waited too long and the house started racking up so many city fees that I finally knew I had to sell. Alex handled everything and even paid all of the fees. She is a great solution if you want to sell a house that needs a lot of work! The price she offered was also fair. Thanks again.”
– Kathy, La Jolla, CA
“Working with Alex and Jon was heaven sent. When I met them I was in the middle of Foreclosure. I was looking to sell my house because I was desperate but there was nowhere for me and my kids to go. I had no way of affording rent and was afraid we might turn homeless. Jon helped me to file bankruptcy to catch me up and get back on track. It has been hard but I know this is the right decision for us. Most people would try to take advantage of the situation but Jon showed concern and helped me even when it meant that I didn’t sell my house.”
– Michael, San Diego, CA

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